We're all looking forward to getting to know you over the course of the year, so why don't you get to know us as well? 


Tina Gao - President


Bachelor of Engineering and Laws

 Joined the club in 2015

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Jennifer Jiang - Vice President

Bachelor of Science and Laws

 Joined the club in 2015

The One Behind the Scenes
Jennifer Profile.jpg

Samuel Castaneda - Secretary

Samuel Profile.jpg

Bachelor of Science

Joined the club in 2016

The One You Talk To



Andy Tran - Treasurer

Bachelor of Science (Adv Mathematics) and Arts

Joined the club in 2015

I first joined Sydney University Taekwondo Club in 2015 looking to pick up a new hobby at uni. Never could I have thought that this club would bring so many opportunities with practising competitive and casual taekwondo, as well as making so many new friends from the club’s team spirit. I’m sure you will feel the same way, and I look forward to meeting you at our training!
— Andy Tran

Suzanna Liu - Social Director

Suzanna Profile.jpg

Bachelor of Architecture

Joined the club in 2016

Tiny bundle of fun!

Melanie Chune - Social Director

Bachelor of IT

Joined the club in 2016

The responsible one from Tahiti

Tournament Director 


Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and Diploma of Professional Practice

Joined the club in the Bronze Age

The Relic